Wednesday, January 31, 2007

marlons rules for internet

I think all the information is about is basically taling you not too put your full name and last name and not putting the town you live in and basically taling you to use privacy features and don’t get together with people you don’t know in a profile or something don’t post that many pictures of your self and people can down load them on too the internet and be past a round all over the web don’t respond too imbarising text just erase them and then block them be honest a bout your age membership rules are there too protect people if you are to young to sign up and do not attempt too lie about your age talk too your parents first about it

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

hi my name is marlon

Hi my name is Marlon pargo and Im in the 10 grade I like hobby’s like working on cars I also injoy fishing as well I go to school at Edison high school I try to be at school every day after school I go home watch tv and some times I go out with my friends on the week days sometimes the kinds of music I like is rap& hip hop I also like watching horror & comedy movies and I am 16 and I already have a car most of the time Im nice if people don’t mess with me and im nice to other people I like going camping and going up north to go fishing over night and i no a little bit about computers but im not no big expert about them.